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Jim Van Winkle Jim Van Winkle

Jim Van Winkle, who entered the newspaper field in 1957 as a printers devil has learned from years of experience his role in the Queen Central. Crediting his former boss, Advance-Journal editor/owner Walt Stone, for sending him in the right direction. Jim has just started his 48th year on Main Street with a goal of 50 years as he looks to the future. "I call my forty plus years in this field as years of having my nose stuck into everyone else's business" and adds "without our dedicated readers retirement would have come many years ago."

Darla Woodcock Darla Woodcock

Darla, Jim's fifth child, started part time at the QCN in 1987 (the week the building collapsed). As devastated as they were as a family, after learning of the collapse, they still realized that the paper had a deadline. The following day Jim gave Darla a pen and paper and told her to hit the streets for advertising. That's how she herself had gotten involved. Since then she is now Jim's right hand women. Darla graduated from Altmar Parish Williamstown high school. She loves tinkering with computer's and also enjoys playing guitar. Darla is a director on the Camden area Chamber of Commerce, is a member of the Irish club, and has been a bowling coach for 18 years.

Dori Montieth Dori Monteith

Dori Montieth is the youngest child of Jim & Josie, she joined the staff in 1985. After working for full time for three years she left to be home with her family, only filling in when needed. In 1991 she once again became full time until March of 1992. In 1993 she was summonsed back again to sell advertising on a part time basis, which is where she still stands today. Her responsibilities include selling advertising in the Camden and Rome areas, classified print & layout, and the shared duties of all employees answering phones, greeting customers, proof reading, etc. Dori resides in Redfield with her husband, Shawn and is a mother to three, Jenna, Ed & James. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, working as a sub at Sandy Creek School, camping, summer and enjoying the beauty of living in the small, quaint little town of Redfield.

Kyle Woodcock Kyle Woodcock

Kyle oldest son of Darla and Bryan Woodcock and eleventh grandchild of Jim and Josie VanWinkle (third generation), started working in 2003. Kyle is a graduate of Altmar Parish Williamstown and Onondaga Community College where he received an Associates Degree in Business. Bowling, baseball, movies, playing guitar and of course, playing video games with his brother Scott,via internet, are just a few hobbies that Kyle enjoys to do. Recently there has been a new addition to the family, Kyle married in October of 09' to his best friend Eileen Cain formerly of Whitesboro. Kyle and Eileen now reside in Williamstown. Congratulations. Kyle is a Sales Representative, Layout and Design as well as helps with typing, answering phones, and breakdown of the paper each week. spacer

Josie Van Winkle Josie Van Winkle

Josie VanWinkle, who spent 28 plus years working for the QCN, donated much of her time in the early beginnings. Mother of seven, grandmother to twenty and great grandma to seven, she retired in 2002 but still finds time to give a helping hand with inserts, subscription cards and you'll often see her with vacuum cleaner in hand as well. spacer

Ted Chase Ted Chase

Ted Chase, married to the former Becky Skinner, came on board as an as needed photographer during Lucy Baileys illness and eventful passing. Ted, father of three, suffered multiple strokes three years ago and now finds photo taking as not only a good therapy but as a means of keeping in touch with the public. Ted has gained great respect from the fire service.

Amber Hamblin McNabb Amber Hamblin McNabb

Amber Hamblin McNabb, youngest daughter of Chip and Donna (VanWinkle) Hamblin and seventh grandchild of Jim and Josie, resides on Ball Road in Williamstown with her husband, Jeremy McNabb, formerly of Camden and Amboy. Shortly after graduation from APW High, Amber came to work for the Queen Central for a short time and after exploring other employment returned in 2006. Amber now is a mom to a beautiful little girl Lexi Lynn, so congratulations to Amber and Jeremy. Amber is responsible for typing the news copy as well as answering phones and breakdown of the paper each week. A few hobbies that Amber likes to do are puzzles and is very creative with coloring and designs and also loves to make quilts. spacer