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Jim VanWinkle

I'm Jim Van Winkle, editor, writer and owner of the Queen Central News which has been published in Camden, New York, for thirty years. Many of you may not be aware that, through our publication, your business could reach thousands of potential customers at one of the lowest advertising rates. So let me take a minute for a brief introduction.

The Queen Central News has a legacy reaching back thirty years in it's present form, and over one hundred years having absorbed and incorporated the Camden Advance Journal three decades ago.

We presently print 8,400 weekly newspapers most of which are distributed door to door throughout the communities you see listed below. Since we are not a "Pennysaver," for many of these residents the Queen Central is their oldest and most comprehensive source of local news.

Zip Code Breakdown is:

Bernhards Bay-13028
North Bay-13123
Sylvan Beach-13157-13162
Amboy, West Amboy-13493

Circulars carried on a regular basis are listed and number indicates times per year: P&C, 52x; Ostrander's Village Market, (Maple View), 52x; Vella's Market, (Constantia), 52x; Family Dollar, 3-4x; Whites Lumber, (Pulaski), 6+x. Ostrander's (1800) and Vella's (3000) partial inserts, and go to designated areas of our circulation.

Our door to door delivery system is so respected that the local Rotary Club selected the QCN over mail delivery to distribute a locally produced phone book. We are the official newspaper of the Towns of Camden, Vienna, Florence, Osceola and Constantia, the Village of Camden; and co-official newspaper of the Town of Williamstown, the Camden Central School District, (geographically, one of the largest school districts in the state of New York), and the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District, and the Town of Amboy.

It should be noted that approximately 90% of our newspapers are delivered to the homes on Sunday, thereby allowing readers the opportunity to read the news and your advertisements on their day off from life's hectic pace.

In recent months we have added several new columns and features which have been extremely well received, and only further solidified the relationship we have with an already loyal readership.

As for Publisher Jim VanWinkle (and wife) Josie, we raised seven children, plus a foster son, have 20 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and scores of relatives all living right here in the Central New York area. Putting all this together as a bank of resource, I feel confident in saying I believe the Queen Central can be a definite benefit to your business. For more information call 245-1849 or e-mail us at QCN1974@queencentral.com