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Started with Jim Van Winkle, John Van Schoick, George Cady and Dave Farnsworth Sr., on May 1, 1974 at 20 Main Street, Camden, New York, moved in May 1978 to 72 Main Street. On June 24, 1987 that building collapsed,it then moved to the gas station at 27 Main Street. Moved again in July, 1987 to 19 Main Street.In January 2004 the paper went back home to 20 Main Street with Jim Van Winkle being the sole owner. Another chapter in the book on Oct. 25 2008 we again moved for the sixth time to our currently new address 39 Main Street at the old Super Duper building. George got done in 1975, Dave passed away in 1978 and John retired in 1992.

The Queen Central News got it's name from Camden. Camden is known as the Queen Village. Central is for the surrounding areas, and News keeps everyone involved.

Jim, John and George all worked for the Advance Journal which was sold to people from out of town in 1974. That is why the QCN got started. together they purchased the Advance Journal in 1975 and combined it with the QCN in 1981.